Welcome to Ampthill Town Band’s website.

Ampthill Town Band is very much a local phenomenon and part of the Ampthill tradition. It has its origins in a chamber ensemble formed in the 1840’s, allegedly to celebrate a royal visit to the town. By the end of the 19th century, this had metamorphosed into a brass and woodwind band. By the 1930’s, cornets displaced clarinets and a brass band emerged.

The band today serves the local community by providing music services for local occasions, such as the Remembrance Parade, Christmas Carols around the Christmas tree and in St Andrews on Christmas Eve, as well as school and village fetes. Having played in the inaugural Ampthill Proms in the Park in 2009 we have played in each one since. Last year we played at the Proms once again.

The band has contested at the Area Contest in Stevenage recently but are not contesting at present.

Ampthill Town Band took part in an exchange trip to Southern France in 2016 and their orchestra visited us in 2015 for a joint concert.

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